About Philtek Power

Manufacturing DC to AC Inverters for Telecom and Industrial Applications since 1976, Philtek is an engineering oriented company with a commitment to providing quality, reliability and service to our customers.

Philtek serves industrial markets requiring power conversion products such as gas and electric utility companies, pulp and paper mills and refineries. Our range of products include DC to AC Inverters, Battery Chargers, Frequency Converters, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and custom designed power conversion equipment.

To ensure that quality is built in all of our equipment, every major component such as magnetics, circuit boards and enclosures are designed, prototyped, manufactured and tested at Philtek's facility. All systems are individually tested and "burned in" for a minimum of 24 hours before shipment to the end user. Philtek is proud of its record of providing reliable products that require little or no servicing. Should a service interruption occur, our engineering staff is ready to provide technical support and service. Philtek's extensive research and development program assures customers advanced design products as well as continuous improvement of our standard products.

Philtek products are Canadian Standard Association, CSA, certified and designed to UL standards.